When people think about orthodontics they often imagine traditional fixed metal braces that have been successfully used for many decades, but nowadays the choice is far greater. We offer a range of the latest braces, but sometimes it can be best to choose fixed braces. These use metal brackets, elastics and wires to move teeth. Even though fixed braces are more visible in comparison with many of the more recently developed orthodontic systems, they can be a more cost effective option and are still widely used. Nowadays it is often possible to opt for clear brackets that are far more discreet, although this option is more expensive.

Why Choose Fixed Braces?

The use of fixed brackets enables teeth to be precisely moved into the correct positions. Although modern removable braces can correct numerous common orthodontic issues, fixed braces may be more suitable for certain more complex tooth movements that would not respond so well to removable braces.

Fixed braces may be able to achieve more dramatic tooth movements, and treatment may be quicker than using removable braces. Traditional fixed braces can also be a better choice for patients with issues about compliance, as it is easy to take out removable aligners and to forget to put them back in, or to lose them completely. This can set back the overall treatment times.


Interested in working with a cosmetic dentist who appreciates your needs and comfort?

There are pros and cons to both fixed and removable braces. All possible options will be discussed with you during your initial consultation with Painfree Dentistry Paramatta, as ultimately we like our patients to be able to make an informed choice. So book your free consultation now on (02) 9635 5166. Our practice is located at 77 Marion St Harris Park NSW 2150.


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