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Laser Treatment

Laser dentistry by the Painfree Dentistry team can now carry out many traditional dental procedures more precisely and effectively. Instead of using an old-fashioned scalpel and local anaesthetic, with the dental laser we can precisely treat a highly specific area without damaging the surrounding tissues.

It means that many soft tissue procedures no longer need any stitches or anaesthetic. Pain and bleeding are minimised, and your recovery time will be much faster, all thanks to laser dentistry. If you’re nervous about your treatment at Painfree Dentistry, with the dental laser your visit will be far more comfortable than you’d imagined.


Dental lasers can cut soft tissues extremely precisely, reducing the need for anaesthesia, and reducing treatment times. These factors help make treatment more comfortable for patients, particularly those who are anxious. There is no need for stitches as the laser cauterises any blood vessels, minimising bleeding and aiding healing. The thermal energy produced by the laser helps eliminate bacteria, lowering the risk of infection, and this can be useful for treating gum disease.


Dental laser treatment may not completely eliminate the need for anaesthesia, and this therapy is only suitable for certain procedures. If you require work on your teeth then we’ll still need to drill. Laser dentistry can be a little more expensive than conventional treatments due to the cost of the equipment.


Interested in working with a cosmetic dentist who appreciates your needs and comfort?

If you are interested in more details about laser treatment at Painfree Dentistry, feel free to contact us on (02) 8999 5128. Our well designed practice is located at 77 Marion St Harris Park NSW 2150.


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