Mini Implants

Innovative mini dental implants are one of the most exciting new ways of improving the quality of life of people who wear dentures. These ultra-small, 1.8mm diameter titanium alloy implants are precisely placed into your jawbone, to give you secure foundation for dentures.

Mini dental implants function just like traditional dental implants – but at around half the cost. In just one appointment, your dentist can place mini dental implants in a relatively painless procedure that can improve your quality of life, and can give you long-term support over several decades or more.

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The process to insert mini dental implants is less invasive as there is no need to cut away gum tissue, and any tissue lost is immediately replaced with the implant. As a result healing times are quicker. Nervous patients may find mini implants easier to cope with, and we strive to make sure every procedure is comfortable at Painfree Dentistry. Mini dental implants are ideal for retaining dentures, as when used in multiples they offer good stability.


Mini dental implants don’t offer the same degree of stability as full-sized dental implants. These mini dental implants need sufficient vertical bone to support them, to prevent them from interfering with the structures within the jawbone. This could be an issue for anyone who lost teeth some time ago.

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