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What are All on 4 Dental Implants?

July 21, 2022
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Do you have missing teeth? Does tooth replacement seem stressful and painful? All these issues can be fixed efficiently and stress-free with our STATE-OF-THE-ART technology at Painfree Dentistry. All Teeth on 4 or 6, or All-on-4 Dental Implants, are a teeth replacement option that has replaced traditional dentures so you don’t have to worry about taking out the teeth or any other usual sources of concern and stress.


What are All-on-4 Implants?

What are All-on-4 Dental Implants? - South Gables Dental

Our advanced technology at Painfree Dentistry provides patients with a full set of teeth supported by 4 implants in each jaw, held in place by four titanium screw implants in your jawbone. We can fit the implants on the same day as teeth removal surgery, securely positioning them to look like normal teeth and leaving you with a new smile and confidence.


“A beautiful smile is a matter of choice, not chance”. – Dr Elie Alam


Do I need All-On-4 Implants?


Our All Teeth on 4 or 6 Implant service is suited for candidates with:

  • Badly decayed, broken down or damaged teeth: This deterioration in teeth can be caused by gum disease, illness or medications.

  • Diabetes, osteoporosis or other health conditions: These can hinder a patient’s eligibility for traditional dental implants.

  • Low bone density: Patients who lack bone density cannot support a large number of dental implants. 

  • Missing multiple teeth: We provide optimal treatment for replacing missing teeth in the most painless and pleasant way possible. 

  • Loose dentures: Shrinkage of bones can occur after losing teeth, which can loosen existing dentures. Our All Teeth on 4 or 6 Treatment can also treat other issues with dentures, such as difficulties with speech, gum and mouth irritation and difficulty eating. 


Does All-On-4 Hurt?


At Painfree Dentistry, we take pride in alleviating any discomfort or stress that would normally be present with any procedure and the healing process. Our All Teeth on 4 or 6 Service is no different; we begin the procedure by ensuring the patient is comfortable and relaxed. Then, we provide local anesthetic – with the option of sedation – ensuring the treatment is as Painfree as possible. 


Our All Teeth on 4 or 6 Service is minimally invasive and involves no bone grafting, allowing for a shorter recovery compared to traditional implants.


Benefits of All-on-4


Prevents future bone loss & degradation: Our All Teeth on 4 or 6 Service minimizes the effect of bone loss since implants are fixed directly to the jawbone.


Shorter installation time: We can fit the implants on the same day as teeth removal surgery, much quicker than traditional dentures. Patients can leave the procedure, on the same day, assured that they won’t have to hide their smile.


Better Hygiene & Easier Care: With All-on-4, patients can maintain improved oral health as it is easier to brush, floss and rinse areas compared to traditional dentures. 


Greater self-confidence: Patients at Painfree Dentistry can leave with a new set of complete and natural-looking teeth, fitting comfortably and securely. Any concerns about loose dentures or eating certain foods is no longer an issue with our All Teeth on 4 or 6 Service. 


A Permanent Solution: The denture is securely fastened to the mouth – frequent fitting sessions are not required and patients rarely experience any gum recession or further complications.


For more information, visit our implants page, or contact our Parramatta dental clinic