All Teeth on 4 or 6 in Parramatta

Missing teeth is not something you have to live with. Tooth replacement can seem daunting; we are here to say it can be fixed quickly and efficiently. At Painfree Dentistry, we offer All implants on 4 and All implants on 6 Implants. These implants are a great treatment option for patients who do not want to have dentures and for those who need a fast solution.

What Are All Teeth on 4?

All implants on 4 uses four dental implants, while All implants on 6 uses six dental implants to attach your replacement teeth. Your teeth will be a permanent fixture so you don’t have to worry about taking out the teeth or your teeth slipping like you would with a denture. This technique is also a treatment option for patients who lack bone volume. Bone is needed to support the traditional implants, which isn’t a problem with All implants on 4 and All Implants on 6.

How Are All Teeth on 4 Different from Traditional Implants?

The reason these implants have their name is because this treatment only uses four or six implants. Traditional implants can use around five to eight. The All Teeth on 4 Implants uses fewer because the implants are placed at an angle, so even though there are fewer implants used, the bone still gets the support it needs.

Traditional implants also often require bone grafting. Bone grafting can take around six months or more. Generally, All implants on 4 require no bone grafting for patients. 

Benefits of All Teeth on 4

These implants are great for busy people on the go. As the process requires no bone graft, the recovery time is usually fast, and so is the finished result. This means less time at the surgery so you can get back to your busy life in no time.

During the treatment process, you will be fitted with a fixed temporary bridge, allowing you to have fixed teeth that you don’t have to worry about throughout the treatment.

This procedure can help you enjoy a full smile, which may improve your eating habits and more. With these implants, you can achieve secure, comfortable and natural-looking teeth. Giving you the freedom to eat, smile, laugh and talk more freely. 

The process and finished result have been given positive feedback from patients who have had the procedure.

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