Early Interceptive Orthodontics in Parramatta

Our Painfree Dentistry dental team aims to guide the growth of your little one's jaw to the optimum position so they have enough room for adult teeth to emerge. With early orthodontic intervention, we can minimise future overcrowding problems, which can sometimes require dental extraction to create space. 

Because your child’s teeth and oral structure are still developing, we can easily guide into them proper alignment, making early treatment efficient and dependable.

Although your child may still need orthodontics, such as braces or retainers as they age, orthopaedic pre-treatment can help reduce overall treatment time as well as the scale and cost of any future straightening treatment.

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Early interceptive orthodontics is a special teeth-straightening treatment aimed at young children that can begin as early as six or seven.

We begin Early Interceptive Orthodontic Treatment as early as we can so we can take advantage of the malleable nature of your child's developing jawbone and teeth. In certain cases, this means that complex conditions are easier to fix, such as overcrowding.

What Are the Benefits of Early Interceptive Orthodontics?

Early intervention takes advantage of growing and developing jaw bone. This can be a major advantage when the bite is misaligned and needs extra help. We use functional appliances to correct these issues, and future orthodontic treatment often has shorter treatment times.

By ensuring we address any alignment issues, we can ensure that new permanent teeth can emerge in the correct position.

What Early Orthodontic Treatments Are Available?

Braces – Braces have changed and improved over time. Now they are easier to fit and feel more comfortable than ever. We even offer attractive, colourful braces that stand apart from traditional metal braces. If there is any discomfort, we can prescribe a pain reliever to keep your child pain-free.

Myobrace – Myobrace is an appliance that corrects orthodontic issues without using braces. This treatment works best for ages six to 12 and can address multiple dental issues. The treatment is removable and stress-free.

Expander – Expanders widen the jaw so teeth fit better together. They can be removable or fixed. Your Sydney dentist will discuss this solution with you to determine if it is the best way to treat your child's orthodontic issue.

Early Orthodontic Tips for Home

Flossing – Flossing removes food particles and plaque once a day, which can develop into tartar if not removed. Flossing cleans hard-to-reach areas that the toothbrush can't touch.

Fluoride rinsing – A fluoride rinse will keep your son's or daughter's teeth strong and healthy. After brushing, have your child use a fluoride rinse. This is an easy way to care for teeth early on.

Swish water – Before your child brushes their teeth, have them rinse with water to loosen any food that may be stuck between teeth. Swishing water is great for children with braces as it can help remove any food that gets stuck in braces.

Dental visits – It is essential that you take your child to the dentist every six months so we can perform a dental check-up and a clean. These preventive appointments allow Dr Elie Alam to identify and treat any dental issues early. Parents can also discuss ways to keep their child’s teeth healthy and discuss any concerns.

At Painfree Dentistry, we offer a range of early orthodontic treatments. We want our patients to receive the correct treatment as early as possible. Contact our helpful team today to book an appointment or to discuss any concerns you might have.

We are here to help.

Does Your Child Need Orthodontic Treatment?

We are strong believers in monitoring your children’s teeth and gums as early as possible so we can help prevent, detect, and treat potential oral health problems before they become too serious. And, naturally, our friendly Painfree Dentistry Parramatta team is only too happy to help teach your child the right way to care for their teeth and gums at home.

With early orthodontic treatment for your child, Dr Elie Alam aims to help guide the growth of your child's jaw to its optimum position to make enough space for adult teeth to emerge. Early attention can help minimise overcrowding problems, which in some cases require extraction of otherwise perfect, healthy adult teeth.

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