Same-Day CEREC Crowns in Parramatta

The technology used in dentistry is always moving forward. These advancements enable dentists to give the best treatment to patients efficiently. At Painfree Dentistry, we offer CEREC dental crowns. This treatment allows our patients to have natural-looking dental crowns on the same day.

What Are CEREC Dental Crowns?girl with same day cerec crowns in sydney

CEREC tooth crowns are crowns that are created using advanced dental technology that speeds up treatment time.

What Technology is Used?

With more traditional techniques, your dentist would have to take an impression of your teeth for treatments such as a crown. However, our technology means a digital scan can be taken. The use of a digital scan makes the process accurate, quick, and a lot more comfortable for the patient.

The system uses software that assists dentists in designing a patient’s dental crown. It can also help with other treatments such as veneers and fillings. This can be done quickly while you are at the dentist’s office. With software like this, some restoration procedures can be completed in one visit.

After the design has been completed, your dentist will fabricate your tooth crown in a milling unit using natural-looking dental material. Fillings and veneers can be created in this unit too. This speeds up the process so that you could receive your permanent fixture on the same day.

Treatments That Use CEREC Technology

Crowns – This will be recommended for chipped, cracked, worn down, decayed and discoloured teeth
Fillings – For decayed teeth, worn teeth, and to replace old fillings
Veneers – For gappy teeth, worn teeth and discoloured teeth

Advantages of CEREC Dental Crowns

This newer technology gives CEREC dental crowns more benefits than the more traditional ones. These include:

  • CEREC crowns have a more natural finish
  • Instead of just being one colour, these crowns can be customized
  • CEREC crowns are created with precision, making them a comfortable fit
  • Impressions and crowns can be taken and created on the same day
  • CEREC crowns are made from stronger materials, giving you confidence when eating any meal 
  • With the traditional method, your teeth and gum may be sensitive for a few weeks, but not with CEREC dental crowns

What Other Same-Day Treatments Do We Offer?

Same-day treatments can be used to treat patients with broken, damaged or missing teeth. We offer a variety of dental solutions to suit every patient and every budget.

Dental ImplantsMan with same day crowns in sydney
Dental implants are a very natural-looking tooth replacement solution that is strong and long-lasting. Implants are small screws that are put into the jawbone. These act as a replacement tooth root which prevents bone loss. The implant will fuse with the bone and are used to support crowns, secured dentures and bridges. 

The treatment time for implants can vary. In some cases, the restoration teeth and the implant can be fitted on the same day. For some patients, there is also the option to have the implant fitted at the same time you have a tooth removed. Your dentist will discuss this with you if it is an option for your situation, as it is not always the best plan for everyone.

If you are suitable for same-day dental implants, we will fit it and create the dental crown that attaches to the implant—allowing you to have brand new teeth in one day.

Composite Bonding
Composite bonding is a treatment for broken, worn or chipped teeth. It is a fast way to restore damaged teeth. Dr Alam will colour match the material used to the natural colour of your teeth to create a natural-looking finish.

Crowns, Inlays/Onlays and Veneers
Technology has advanced. At Painfree Dentistry, we use the newest and best technology to create crowns, veneers and more. Our technology can use scanning software to create impressions of your teeth comfortably, and our machinery will create the restorations quickly. The artificial tooth will be shaped, and then a UV light will be used on it to harden the dental material. 

You can have healthy and beautiful tooth replacements in just a couple of hours.

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