Digital Smile Design in Parramatta

The technology used in dentistry is changing. Now dentists can use a variety of new technology in their practice. This allows patients to have the best care that is efficient and successful. At Painfree Dentistry we are now offering digital smile design. 

What Is Digital Smile Design?

Digital smile design has transformed the way dentists perform restorative and cosmetic dentistry. This technology allows dentists to create a smile that enhances your facial features and compliments the characteristics of your face. Now correcting issues like missing teeth is more than a conventional procedure that gives back the function of your mouth. It is now about creating a smile that is the perfect fit for you. Together you and your dentist can create your own unique smile that is designed just for you.

Digital Smile Design Processwoman after digital smile design | Parramatta Dentist

This procedure uses an analysis of a patients dental and facial proportions. The analysis will use high-quality digital photographs and videos. These pictures and videos will allow the dentist to understand the relationship of your facial features. The dentist will look at your gums, teeth, lips and smile. Your features will be looked at still, in motion and with different emotions.

The next step will involve digital drawing. Drawings can be created on your pictures to redesign your smile. Tools like a digital ruler will be used to make sure the design is clear to the dental technicians and the dental team. The use of tools like this ensures precision and accuracy. Once the design is completed you will understand clearly the treatment taking place and the attractive result you will have at the end.

As all the designing is digital, this gives patients the unique experience of being able to see what their finished smile while look like before the treatment has started.

How Long Does the Process Take?

Every patient is different and every smile design is unique. This means that there is no exact timescale, it will vary from person to person. It depends on what changes you want to make. Your dentist will discuss timescales with you about your own personalised smile.

Patient Involvement

During the digital smile design process, you can be involved in the design of your smile. This treatment allows patients to share their ideas and their ideal result. It is a procedure where you can have a say about your smile goal and how you want the finished result to look. You can work with the specialists throughout the treatment. Patient involvement makes this procedure very beneficial for both the dentist and patient. You can see the process step and step and the dentist will know exactly what you want. The combined ideas help to achieve the best results for each individual patient. This is the way forward in creating beautiful and natural looking smiles.

If you would like to hear more about digital smile design then contact our team today. Our friendly and professional team are waiting to hear from you.