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When Should My Child First See the Orthodontist?

June 17, 2022
Posted By: Painfree Dentistry

Your child will reach many milestones as they grow, but few are as monumental as their first teeth. Though many of us think of baby teeth as temporary, they set the stage for the main event: their permanent teeth. This is why your child's early dental treatment is vital to their future smiles, and if they have a predisposition to potential problems, our mission is to help steer them on a better course.

One of the most effective ways we can help at Painfree Dentistry is by monitoring their whole mouth's development. In cases where our expert orthodontists determine some early intervention may be beneficial, we will work with you to understand why and how.

Advantages of Early Interceptive Orthodontics

When our young patients show signs of overcrowding or other developing issues, we can treat them through early interceptive orthodontics. This unique form of tooth alignment can begin when they're six or seven years old, so you'll want their first orthodontic evaluation before their sixth birthday.

The reasons why we may initiate orthodontic treatments at a young age are compelling. The main ones are:

  • Young jaws are flexible and more receptive to adjustment
  • Fewer outside factors, like sports, interfere with treatment
  • Certain conditions respond especially well to early orthodontic care

Common Orthodontic Treatments for Kids

Here are three specific treatments that fall under early interceptive orthodontics:

  • Braces – Traditional braces with metal brackets and wires have made significant advances recently, introducing colourful options, smaller brackets, and other adjustments to make them more comfortable and attractive.
  • Myobrace – This option corrects tooth alignment problems without the hassle of braces. This option can be removed from your child's mouth for a more flexible and stress-free choice. We recommend it for kids up to twelve years old.
  • Expander – If your child shows tooth overcrowding, our orthodontist can use an expander to make space for future teeth.

Orthodontics Can Be Effective Early for Children in Paramatta

Through early attention to your child's tooth and mouth development, the Painfree Dentistry team is ready to help determine what treatments might be the most effective. In addition, early detection can help address problems like overcrowding and avoid harm to their future smile.