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Covid-19: Painfree Dentistry July Update

July 10, 2020
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At Painfree Dentistry Parramatta, we recognise the seriousness of COVID-19 and its impact on our community.

The practice has been formally accredited by Quality Innovation Performance (QIP), a national standard for preventing health-care-associated infections. Given that the status of the coronavirus currently remains as a ‘pandemic,’ we wish to advise our existing and potential patients on how to best navigate seeking dental treatment.

We have several measures in place to ensure our patients are confident that they will receive treatment in an environment which is safe and infection-free.

Firstly, the dental industry already has a reputation for its high level of hygienic practices. In comparison to other healthcare providers in Sydney, dental practitioners are highly regulated by the standards set out by the Dental Board of Australia Guidelines on Infection Control. We’ve always taken infection control seriously:

  • Hand hygiene: hands are washed before gloving. Once the gloves are on, contact is limited to the sterilised equipment and the patient.
  • Personal Protective Equipment: We remain completely compliant with clothing requirements, including TGA-approved masks, gloves, face shield, eye protection, and protective clothing such as disposable gowns, headcovers and scrubs.
  • Sterilisation of reusable instruments: Our dentists and nurses try to use disposable materials on our patients as much as possible. For reusable instruments, they are initially bagged, then subject to sterilisation using steam and pressure (autoclave). They are then tracked under the patient’s file.
  • Environmental barriers: Screens and buttons on dental chairs are covered with disposable protection that is stripped and disposed of between treatments.

Secondly, we have also engaged in thorough digital recordings of patients entering and leaving the clinic.

As part of this, screening procedures have been implemented. It is standard practice that we do not accept individuals who have recently returned from high-risk countries, have exhibited symptoms of the virus, or have come in contact with an individual carrying COVID-19. All of our staff have also been accredited with Certificates of Infection Control by the Australian Department of Health (issued April 2020) and are regularly trained against national standards.

Finally, we recognise the importance of caution during an uncertain time, which means minimising social contact and adhering to government protocols. However, you should not allow the situation to deter you from receiving dental treatment, as this can be more detrimental to your health. We regularly update our policies regarding dental protocol, in line with NSW government guidelines. Our practice is also audited regularly against a 170-point checklist relating to infection prevention.

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