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Why Dentures are only a Temporary Solution

April 14, 2022
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Many dental patients often have a common issue; they cannot stand their dentures. We’re going to discuss why getting dentures are only a temporary solution with a number of drawbacks. Especially when compared to dental implants

Dentures Can Be Uncomfortable

  • A fairly common complaint amongst denture patients is general discomfort. Dentures have a plastic feel to them – they do not feel like natural teeth. This is especially common from patients that get their top-row teeth replaced by regular denture.
  • On top of this, dentures do not stay in place and function properly. Patients may use denture paste that secures the denture in place throughout the day by applying it in the groove which sits on the top of the gums. However, this paste can cause discomfort, particularly when eating. 
  • Dentures take considerable time to get used to and some patients never completely adjust into total comfort, which, at Painfree Dentistry, we strive to avoid dentures so we can ensure the most comfortable and pleasant smiles for our patients.  

Dentures Are Less Functional

  • Unlike dental implants, Dentures won’t remain fixed by themselves. The only thing holding regular dentures in place is the adhesive or denture paste itself. This can become problematic when you want to eat.
  • Most denture patients are forced to eat softer foods, such as soup, which some may have to become accustomed to for years. This can become an unpleasant experience for patients who would prefer to enjoy their favorite foods without pain. 

Dentures Can Accelerate Bone Loss

  • Many people may be unaware of this but there is always bone formation and bone removal occurring at the same time. This basically means that our teeth are pressing on each other, whenever we are talking, eating and chewing. This maintains a healthy jaw and facial structure.

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  • What happens when you’re missing teeth? There is no more bone formation and just bone removal or bone loss. This is what leads to people having wrinkles on their face or their face looking more sunk in because they are wearing dentures.

Learn More About Tooth Replacement Options in Harris Park

In cases where patients have lost teeth, the best option is to try and find a way to replace these missing teeth and dental implants are a fantastic solution to prevent further loss of bone and natural face structure. Dentures are a great temporary option but no permanent solution. On the other hand, the dental Implants we provide are a fantastic permanent option. 

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