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How Could Digital Smile Design Benefit Me?

December 19, 2021
Posted By: Painfree Dentistry
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Have you ever been curious about some of the ways that modern technology has integrated with dentistry? In today’s ever-changing world, we are constantly seeing technology change our lives, and that includes innovations at dental practices. Digital smile design is a procedure that allows you and your dentist to design your future oral look.

How Does Digital Smile Design in Harris Park Work?

Digital smile design lets us collaborate with our patients about how they would like their cosmetic dental appearance to look and then use photos, video and software to design their new appearance based on the initial consultation. Digital smile design works by analysing our patients’ dental and overall facial proportions. Once we’ve successfully created a design pleasing to our patients, we can begin the necessary procedures to make the cosmetic appearance chosen from the digital smile design.

Benefits of Digital Smile Design

  • The process involves collaboration between you and our team at Painfree Dentistry to create a realistic, desired outcome. 
  • Digital smile design can create an incredibly accurate design of how your smile will look.
  • Patients can see their new smile before any procedures occur and avoid any unwanted surprises at the end. 
  • Some cosmetic treatments from the digital smile design process may also benefit a patient’s overall oral health. 
  • Some procedures can take place promptly, depending on the design. 

Digital Smile Design in Parramatta 

Our dentists at Painfree Dentistry enjoy delivering transparent information about procedures to our patients. Digital smile design provides an accurate preview that considers what our patients want, and then we can provide appropriate, realistic treatments based on the designs that we create together. 

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