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Look Younger without Surgery

February 10, 2022
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Are you beginning to notice wrinkles, crow’s feet or fine lines every time you look in the mirror? Ageing affects all of us at some point, and whilst we all notice the signs at varying stages in our lives, some desire to avoid showing those signs until a later stage in their lives. At Painfree Dentistry, our team understands how much our patients value their appearances, and our cosmetic services extend beyond just teeth!

Rejuvenate Your Cosmetic Appearance in Parramatta

We offer solutions to our patients who would like to avoid any surgical procedures. Anti-wrinkle injections can reinvigorate and help restore a more youthful appearance without the need for any facial surgeries. Patients receiving anti-wrinkle treatments can expect:

  • A slim needle to minimise any pain during the procedure
  • Relaxed muscles in the face to avoid any ‘frozen’ facial expressions 
  • A gradual buildup to full potency 
  • Months of efficacy 
  • A younger, restored cosmetic appearance! 

Treatable Facial Conditions

Those wanting to rid their cosmetic appearance of the following conditions may benefit from a facial rejuvenation treatment:

  • Lines visible on the upper lip
  • Glabella lines 
  • Marionette lines
  • Noticeable lines on the forehead 
  • A gummy smile
  • Crow’s feet 

Advantages of Facial Rejuvenation Treatment 

Patients who take advantage of effective treatments with facial injections and anti-wrinkle treatments can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Potential for increased self-esteem
  • No need for permanent, costly surgery 
  • Option to return for re-treatment 
  • Results that last for months

We want our patients to feel satisfied every time they look in the mirror, and our facial rejuvenation treatments aim at providing them with the look they deserve!

Contact Your Friendly Cosmetic Dentist in Parramatta, NSW 

If you notice lines or other bothersome signs of ageing, our experienced team of dentists and cosmetic experts are here to assist. We warmly invite you to contact our dental practice at your earliest convenience. You can arrange a consultation online or call us on (02) 9132 4034.