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What is the Process for Porcelain Veneers?

January 29, 2020
Posted By: Painfree Dentistry
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Looking for a celebrity smile or wanting to fix your teeth for aesthetic reasons?

Then porcelain veneers could be the answer you have been looking for. Veneers are becoming increasingly popular as patients strive for the perfect smile, but what are veneers, and how do they work with your natural teeth?

What are Veneers?

Veneers are wafer-thin pieces of tooth-shaped porcelain that are used to enhance stained, chipped, discoloured or crooked teeth. They provide additional strength and enamel protection while being very durable. These custom made shells are placed over your natural tooth and bonded to the front surface with dental cement.

Find a Great Dentist

Finding a great dentist is imperative when thinking about getting veneers or seeking treatment for any other dental matter. Make sure your dentist listens to everything you say and thoroughly understands what it is you are looking for, including tooth shape and shade.

Also, make sure you ask any questions that you may have before you start the procedure.

Digital Smile Preview Is a Must

Once you have discussed all of your options with your dentist and had all of your questions answered, your dentist will provide you with a digital smile preview.

A digital preview will show you exactly how your smile will look once porcelain shells have been added. This will give you an exact idea of what to expect before you start your treatment. 

Preparation is Key

Once you are happy with your digital smile preview, your dentist will need to do a thorough dental health check. This is important as your teeth and gums need to be healthy and in good condition before the porcelain is applied. Once your dentist has ensured everything is looking good, your tooth will be prepped for your veneers.

A small amount of your tooth enamel is removed to make sure your new porcelain shells sit perfectly naturally on your existing teeth. All of this preparation will be done under a general anaesthetic so that you will be entirely comfortable throughout the whole procedure.

It’s Time to Make Your Veneers

At Painfree Dentistry, we use our specialised CEREC machine to create your veneers. The machine will take a 3D image of your prepared tooth and get ready to mill the porcelain. This is done from a block of dental ceramic and can be ready in as little as 30 minutes!

Once complete, the new shells are colour matched to our existing tooth. This is to make sure your new tooth is a perfect match to your remaining teeth and that you have a natural smile.

Final Check and You're Ready to Roll

Your dentist will do a final check by placing the porcelain over your tooth. Any adjustments that need to be made are made at this stage. Once everything is looking great, your new porcelain shells will be stuck onto your natural teeth. This is done using a special dental cement to ensure your veneers stay in place.

Things to Remember After Your Veneers Have Been Fitted

After we secure porcelain shells to your tooth, you may feel a little sensitive a week or two after the procedure - which is normal. This period of adjustment can take a while as you get used to the new feel, look and shape of your teeth.

With proper care and maintenance, your new porcelain veneers will last you anywhere from 10 to 15 years.

Wondering if veneers are for you? Give us a call, and we can arrange a consultation for you with one of our expert dental staff!