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women with dental implants in parramatta

Top 5 Questions to Ask Before Getting Dental Implants

May 3, 2022
Posted By: Painfree Dentistry
woman with dental implants in parramatta

Before appointments for dental implants, our Harris Park patients may have a number of queries and concerns which may be the cause of stress. At Painfree Dentistry, we strive to alleviate these concerns and any discomfort that you may experience on your dental visits. If you, or anyone you know are missing teeth, here are the top 5 questions to ask your dentist before coming in for implant surgery.

What is the dentist’s formal education in implantology?

Dental Implants | Dr Finkelstein Dentist SydneyIt is crucial to determine the credibility of the doctor. At Painfree Dentistry, our doctors have gone through multiple courses on how to place implants and have devoted hundreds of hours to learning every possible complication that can occur and have received a number of certifications.

As patients who want great results with their implants and their crown, we need to choose somebody that has a lot of experience. 

Does the dental office have a 3D CT scanner?

A number of patients seem unaware of the difference between a 2D x-ray and a 3D CT scanner. A traditional 2D x-ray will show you the bone and surrounding teeth – it will give you a good idea but leaves a margin of error. With a 3D CT scan, it can show a complete 3D map of the jawbone, teeth and all structures involved. A 3D scan will reduce the risk involved in the dental implant procedure. In our office, we use one every day and there is far more risk placing an implant without one. 

Will the dental surgeon also be placing the crown? Are the implant & crown placed in the same office?

Many dental offices will separate the two processes. One office might place the implant and the other office would place the crown, and often the two offices fail to work closely together. This can leave the patient with an unusual looking crown that they are unhappy with. We recommend working with a dental implant provider under one roof to decrease the margin of error.

How will the dentist consider my specific medical conditions?

Patients that have diabetes may have a much harder time healing during the whole implant process. We ensure that we account for all patients on medication, with allergies, or any other illnesses, as this may affect the healing time and process. In our office, we have oral surgeons that are trained to handle any complications that can occur. 

How accessible will your dental implant surgeon be after the surgery? 

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There is a small chance that something may go wrong after the surgery and you may need to contact the surgeon to make sure that they are able to answer any questions that you have. It is a concern when patients go out of the country to get implants; if something goes wrong, who’s going to fix it? Are you going to fly back there to get it fixed? You want to make sure that the surgeon is accessible after the surgery.

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