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Same-Day CEREC Dental Crowns

September 29, 2021
Posted By: Painfree Dentistry
Patient with CEREC dental crowns at dentist in Parramatta NSW

Do you have a broken, brittle or discoloured tooth you wish you could hide? Do you struggle to chew thoroughly, bite food or speak with comfort and clarity? Fortunately, dental crowns can correct all of these concerns and more. The traditional crown treatment process usually takes a few dental appointments over a span of weeks, from start to finish.

With same-day CEREC dental crowns, you can now obtain a new and improved smile in a single dental visit at Painfree Dentistry in Harris Park, NSW. We create and mill custom same-day dental crowns on-site in our state-of-the-art dental clinic. Now, patients don’t have to wait two or more weeks to receive their permanent crown and enjoy restored teeth and improved oral health. 

What Dental Concerns Can Same-Day Crowns Fix?

Like traditional dental crowns, same-day CEREC crowns are tooth-shaped caps contoured to fit over a natural tooth. Same-day crowns cover the tooth, or teeth, down to the gumline. 

Same-day CEREC dental crowns can:

  • Protect a severely decayed tooth
  • Fix a cracked tooth 
  • Restore a broken, fractured and damaged tooth
  • Conceal dental discolouration or stains 
  • Reinforce the natural tooth’s structural integrity
  • Shields the tooth from infection
  • Stabilise the tooth’s position 
  • Prevents the spread of decay in the tooth

We also use same-day crowns to anchor dental bridges, accompany dental implants and restore teeth that had root canal therapy

How Do Same-Day CEREC Crowns Work?

We custom-fabricate and place same-day CEREC much as we do with traditional dental crowns, only it’s a much faster process.

First, we take impressions of your teeth and use CAD/CAM technology to design and fabricate the dental crown. Our on-site milling machine makes creating reliable, aesthetic crowns easy and stress-free. 

Together, we choose the ideal shade to blend in with your teeth, and we shape the crown to fit your smile comfortably. We secure the crown in place using strong dental cement and polish the tooth for an optimal outcome. 

Solid and Dependable Same-Day Crowns in Harris Park 

Same-day crowns are durable, aesthetic and customised to match your mouth’s contours and surrounding teeth. Instead of waiting weeks to receive a complete smile, you can now enjoy your permanent dental crown on the same day you visit us. 

At Painfree Dentistry, we offer various dentistry services to patients of all ages. 

If you would like to arrange a crown consultation, we invite you to contact our dental clinic in Parramatta, NSW today.