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Signs You Might Need a Sinus Lift

February 10, 2022
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Are you considering certain dental procedures or speaking to a dentist about dental implants? Do you have questions regarding the requirements and eligibility for some treatments? Whilst patients may benefit from specific procedures, it is imperative to ensure effective, long-lasting treatments to avoid any problems in the future.

What Is a Sinus Lift? 

A sinus lift procedure involves a bone graft that raises the maxillary sinus behind the upper jaw. An oral surgeon uses a bone graft from the patient, bone donor, or lab-created bone in most cases. This added bone successfully aids and ‘lifts’ the sinus while bonding with the existing jawbone. Patients who undergo a sinus lift procedure can successfully receive dental implants after a period of healing.

Why Might I Benefit from a Sinus Lift? 

Patients with insufficient jawbone due to periodontal disease, congenital disabilities, deviations or effects from cancer may benefit from a sinus lift procedure. The grafted bone in a sinus lift procedure allows for the placement of dental implants in patients who previously had insufficient jawbone. Those who successfully undergo a sinus lift can expect:

  • A sufficient foundation for dental implants
  • Sedation during the procedure to avoid pain
  • Improved oral health facilitated by the bone graft, allowing for other necessary procedures. 
  • Treatment intended to last on a long term or life-basis

Sinus Lift Procedures in Parramatta 

Our practice aims at providing long-term and effective procedures. If a patient requires a sinus lift to have a dental implant, we do our best to make the procedure as smooth as possible. Patients receive a thorough evaluation beforehand to ensure that a surgical procedure is essential. We also use sedation dentistry during the process and provide expert advice afterwards to ensure necessary healing.

Contact Our Friendly Dental Practice in Parramatta, NSW 

If you have questions about a sinus lift procedure, dental implants, or other treatments to better your oral health, our team is available to help. We invite you to contact our experienced practice online or at (02) 9132 4034 to take the initiative on your oral health!