Painfree Dentistry

Is a dental implant painful?

Many assume that any oral surgery involves a timely and painful process, but here at Painfree Dentistry, your comfort is our top priority. Rest assured that we have done our best to create a safe and relaxing environment for you and your teeth!

Quick and Painless Dental Implants in Parramatta

With options for same-day dental implants, we ensure that fixing your smile is taken care of quickly and painlessly to have you back out on the road feeling confident and content. We have designed our dental implant procedure to be as comfortable as possible with a local anaesthetic to numb the gums before the process begins.

Our cosmetic dentist will first apply a numbing gel to the gums to prepare for the local anaesthetic to deliver a painless procedure. After the gel has taken effect, we provide the local anaesthetic via needle to the gums, effectively removing the pain from the equation for the rest of the procedure, leaving only the sensation of pressure around the implant site. Our cosmetic dentist will then carefully finish the procedure and have you out in no time!

Arrange a Consultation in Parramatta

We would love to speak with you about your dental implant questions and concerns and invite you to arrange a consultation at your earliest convenience.