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How long does Invisalign® take?

Invisalign® represents one of the most well-known brands of clear orthodontic aligners. This leading-edge method for straightening teeth eliminates the brackets and wires in conventional braces, using instead a series of clear plastic trays designed to gently and progressively move your teeth.

People in Harris Park NSW who need orthodontic care choose clear aligners for numerous reasons, including:

  • Comfort
  • Removability
  • Low visibility
  • Convenience

Invisalign Treatment Time Depends on Your Unique Case

On average, clear aligners realign teeth slightly more quickly than conventional braces, but your particular tooth alignment issues and their severity will impact your treatment time. However, because clear aligners like Invisalign take advantage of digital planning, no matter how long your treatment will take, you will know it in advance and be able to plan accordingly.

If timeframes are among your primary concerns, we also offer Invisalign Express if your tooth misalignment is milder and more straightforward. Invisalign Express works with fewer aligner trays with an average treatment time of about six months, more or less depending also on your consistency when wearing your aligners.

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