Painfree Dentistry

Does tooth extraction hurt?

Dental extractions become necessary for numerous reasons, but we understand if you are concerned about how the procedure may feel. Many dentists avoid teeth extractions because it takes considerable skill and expertise to offer them pain-free.

However, at Painfree Dentistry, we have various techniques to make tooth removal more comfortable. First, we offer multiple sedation options, including IV sedation, to help minimize your pain and discomfort. We work with you to choose the best pain relief option for you.

We Perform Wisdom Teeth Extractions in Parramatta NSW

We are among the few local dentists who work with wisdom teeth that may require extraction. With our techniques, we may complete your wisdom teeth removal in one visit. When you come in for an exam and consultation, we will share if your wisdom teeth appear to be on the path toward extraction.

For patients who experience wisdom tooth pain or soreness around their wisdom teeth, we encourage you to schedule a visit to ensure we can address your wisdom teeth removal before they become impacted.

Our focus at Painfree Dentistry is to provide gentle and effective dental extractions with only minimal pain and discomfort. We welcome patients from all over the greater Sydney area, including Parramatta, Harris Park, Grantville, and Westmead.