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Can you treat a chipped tooth?

We can treat a chipped tooth in Harris Park, NSW. We repair the chip using various methods, depending on the complexity or severity of your tooth chip or fracture.

Teeth chip or crack for many reasons, including misaligned bite, injury, general wear or biting down on a hard object. Teeth can also chip due to decay or untreated oral infections. Fortunately, we can treat these oral health issues and restore the tooth to health.

Methods we may use to repair a tooth chip include:

  • Dental bonding—Tooth-coloured composite resin spread and set across the tooth chip
  • Dental veneer—A dental veneer can hide a gummy smile, conceal tooth flaws and hide chips
  • Dental crown—Dental crowns have a variety of essential uses, including cosmetic dentistry
  • Extraction and tooth replacement—for severe breaks

Your dentist will help you choose the best option based on the size and nature of your chip. Some chips are merely cosmetic. Others may expose the inner tooth, leaving it vulnerable to infection or decay. Significant chips or fractures may require a tooth crown instead of dental bonding.

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