Children's Dentistry in Parramatta

Providing Service to Children From the Age of Three

Painfree Dentistry provides professional children’s dentistry in a relaxed and friendly environment.

Our dentists specialise in treating children with anxiety by providing painless treatments with the utmost care. Developing good dental hygiene habits is essential not only for your child’s oral health but also for their overall well-being as they grow. That’s why your Parramatta dentist is always available to welcome your children to our dental practice. We’ll do everything we can to help them become familiar and comfortable with our practice so that they see dentistry as a normal part of life.

Children’s dentistry allows us to monitor your children’s teeth and gums from an early stage to help prevent, detect and treat potential oral health problems before becoming serious. Your child needs to learn the proper way of brushing, flossing and healthy diet habits. 

We practise early interceptive orthodontics, preventive, and general dentistry. 

Prevention with Fissure SealantsTwo young girls after dentist in Parramatta

The natural pits and fissures on your child’s molars are normal imperfections and are the ideal trap for food and germs that regular brushing cannot always remove, leading to tooth decay and cavities.

The Painfree Dentistry team can help guard against this problem by applying fissure sealants – acrylic coatings that fill in your child’s pits and fissures to prevent plaque from damaging their teeth. Applied as a liquid in around five minutes per tooth, fissure sealants become a hard plastic-like substance, forming an effective barrier against plaque and tooth decay.

Fissure sealants are non-invasive and completely pain-free, with no need for drilling or local anaesthetic. We recommend fissure sealants when your child’s first permanent molars emerge, at around age six. Then again, after their permanent adult premolars erupt, usually at around eleven to fourteen years old.

Oral Hygiene

Though your child’s baby teeth will fall out naturally, it’s still vital that you help them take good care of their oral hygiene and teeth from an early age. We recommend you begin brushing your child’s teeth as soon as they emerge to educate your child on good oral hygiene and normalise brushing as a daily activity. Use a soft-bristled baby toothbrush and brush gently using a tiny amount of toothpaste.

Painfree Dentistry is here to help you maintain your children’s oral hygiene.

Anticipatory Guidance for Kids

At Painfree Dentistry, we work with parents to make sure that children get the best dental experience.

We make the most out of each visit and use it to teach children and parents about oral health. Our dentists keep parents updated about their child’s dental health and guide them on what to expect at the milestones in their child’s life. We will give you tips on steps to take to get the best oral hygiene and tell you what sort of issues you should be looking out for.

This way, oral health problems can be identified and treated quickly. If our dentists find any issues, we will work with you to plan the best treatment. We can offer advice and guidance on any concerns during the different stages of your child’s development.

The anticipatory guidance framework is as follows.

6-12 Months Milestones: This milestone is all about the eruption of the first baby tooth/teeth. Dentists will look at how the teeth are erupting and the child’s oral development. They will also give tips on teething and assess their fluoride status. We will go over how to keep the mouth clean and cleaning techniques for this age with parents. Harmful habits, like thumb sucking can be addressed.

12-24 Month Milestones: There are a few milestones for this age: the completion of primary dentition, arch length determination, and the occlusal relationships. Dentists will look at fluoride and oral hygiene and discuss space maintenance. Due to the age group, we will also discuss what to do if there is accidental ingestion. We review how your children care for their teeth at home, along with electrical safety and what to do in case of oral trauma due to injury.

2-6 Years Milestones: The milestones for this age include losing the first baby tooth and eruption of incisors and molars. Dentists will discuss how to keep the gums healthy and will reassess their fluoride intake. Home oral care will also be reviewed. If your child is still sucking their thumb, we will develop plans to help the habit. We go over diet and talk about injury prevention.

When Should Children Have Their First Visit?Young girl outdoors | Parramatta dentist

For children to have the best start in their dental journey, they should first visit the dentist when the baby teeth have started to grow. We recommend that you visit our dentist before they are twelve months old. Waiting longer than this can allow issues to arise.

Dentists used to recommend that children visit the dentist at around the age of three. However, to promote good oral hygiene and help prevent future issues, the new recommendation is under a year.

Dental Crowns in Harris Park

Baby teeth fall out naturally. However, in some cases, baby teeth can be damaged because of tooth decay. Tooth decay and tooth loss can cause a variety of issues for children in the future. That is why the team at Painfree Dentistry offer baby tooth crowns.

Dental crowns protect and improve the function and appearance of your child's tooth. 

It is vital to keep a baby tooth in place so that it falls out naturally. The main reasons why dentists save damaged baby teeth are:

  • To aid your child in speaking and eating
  • To act as a space holder for permanent teeth

It is crucial to have good oral hygiene from a young age to avoid the need to treat gums and teeth. Here are some tips you can teach your children so they can protect their teeth.

  • Brush and floss teeth twice a day
  • Visit the dentist regularly
  • Use a mouth guard during sports and physical activities
  • Avoid chewing on ice, fingernails, hard candy, and pencils

If you have any concerns about your child’s teeth or if you just want them to have a check-up, call the friendly team at Painfree Dentistry. We accept new patients in our child-friendly dental practice. We want to make children’s dentistry as free of stress and pain as possible.