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Benefits of Immediate Same Day Implants

March 6, 2022
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Do you find it challenging to schedule trips to the dentist, doctor, or even for a routine service on your vehicle? Sometimes life gets busy, and fitting in time for a visit to the dentist can complicate things. Some dental procedures may require return visits with plenty of time spent in the dental chair. At Painfree Dentistry, we understand how busy some of our patients are. Our team can offer same-day dental implants for those requiring fast and effective tooth replacement options to get them back in the swing of everyday life with a fully functional smile.

What Are Immediate Same-Day Implants?

In most cases, patients in need of a dental implant first have a titanium screw placed into their jawbone and then return for the placement of a custom crown that restores their smile. Due to healing time and the typical milling process for dental crowns, patients may need to wait considerable amounts of time. Luckily, our practice can mill a custom crown on the same day we place a dental implant. This way, our patients can save considerable amounts of time and begin their healing process with both an implant and crown already in place!

Immediate Same-Day Implants in Harris Park, NSW

Our patients can benefit in several ways from same-day implants.

  • In the case of a tooth extraction, we can place an implant on the same day and avoid a lengthy (sometimes months) healing process.
  • Patients can avoid some return trips.
  • Thanks to our CEREC technology that allows for on-site milling, patients don't need to wait weeks for their crown.
  • We administer numbing agents and use local anaesthetics to keep patients comfortable and at ease during their procedures.

Same-day implants have our patients out of the chair and back on their feet in no time!

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We welcome any patients who feel pressed for time, anxious about multiple visits to the dentist, or have more questions about immediate same-day dental implants to contact our friendly staff. You can arrange an appointment online or simply call us on (02) 8381 1920.