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Invisalign vs Traditional Orthodontics, Which Is Right for Me?

February 8, 2022
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Do you suffer from excess food getting stuck in your teeth from crooked teeth? Maybe you have always wanted a smile with a more orderly look. A straighter set of teeth provides many benefits for overall oral health and cosmetic appearance. Modern orthodontics offers some viable options for straightening teeth.

What Is the Best Option for a Straighter Smile?

Patients have relied on metal wires and rubber bands (commonly known as braces) to straighten their teeth for many years. Time-tested and effective braces straighten teeth with gradual adjustments and tightening over a specific, pre-determined period set by a dentist or orthodontist.

A newer option that renders straight, beautiful teeth called Invisalign can deliver similar results using custom plastic aligner trays worn on a near-constant basis. Our Parramatta orthodontist prescribes new aligner trays that slowly shift teeth into a preferable alignment throughout the procedure.

Benefits of Traditional Orthodontics

Patients who decide to straighten their teeth with braces can count on the following:

  • Dependable treatment
  • Durable option
  • Cost-effective
  • Modern braces offer more comfortability than versions from past years.

Invisalign in Parramatta

Those who may struggle with the constraints of traditional braces can rely on Invisalign to get the job done! Choosing Invisalign can offer patients a few unique benefits:

  • No metal or rubber to worry about
  • Aligner trays do not get in the way of a bright smile
  • Patients can remove their aligner trays while eating or drinking any liquids to offer flexibility in food choices during treatment.
  • Follow-up appointments track progress, and our orthodontist gives new, custom aligner trays to continue the treatment.

Contact Your Parramatta Orthodontist

With two effective treatments for treating misaligned teeth, our patients can rest easy knowing they have options and friendly advice for getting their smiles in order! We invite you to contact our practice for more information on Invisalign and traditional orthodontics!